Why have a “Basket Shower’:

  • Small plants are big sellers (and good money makers) in our main gift shop.
  • Linda Robertson made 390 plants to sell during the summer (pictures below). She has exhausted her supply of baskets and plastic inserts. Purchasing them, even wholesale, takes away from the profit we make on the plants.


  • November 6th — during our Service League meeting


  • First Presbyterian Church

How to participate:

  • Bring one or more new baskets (small – see more below)
  • OR — Bring one or more spools of 1-2 inch wide ribbon
  • OR — Give a monetary donation to purchase one or more baskets and/or ribbon
  • AND Earn 1 hour of service participation for your contribution.

What’s Needed:

  • The size basket that sells well is 6-7 inches wide and pictured below.  These can be purchased at craft shops like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby & New River Pottery.  It’s a welcome bonus when they come with a plastic insert.
  • *Monetary donations are always appreciated!*
  • We also welcome contributions of plastic inserts to hold the plants (medium cool whip & margarine tubs work well) but these are not eligible for a service participation credit.

For more information contact: Gift Shop Chairs — Jeri Jackson