Christmas Drive Through

Written by Service League of Greenville member: Cassie Causey, 2nd Vice President

On the cold and rainy morning of December 7th, the Service League of Greenville held its first ever Christmas Drive Through for our members. We set up in the First Presbyterian Church parking lot with a red truck with a Christmas tree in the back, a trailer with a Christmas tree and a fireplace, and tents to cover us while we served hot chocolate and goodie bags. The fireplace had a beautiful wreath given to the Service League by the Vidant Medical Foundation. Our President and Board members all dressed up as elves or in our Ugly Christmas sweaters. We were joined by Santa, along with beautiful Christmas music played by Clay Steinwinter.  We want to thank WITN-TV for coming and sharing our day on the local news.

As more than 100 ladies drove through the parking lot, they had pictures taken with Santa, dropped off toys for the Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House, and made donations to be shared with 3 Food Pantries in Pitt County. Many showed off their ugly Christmas sweaters, others dropped off blankets they had made for patients at Vidant, and others turned in their guesses as to how many Hershey kisses were in the big vase. 

After 2 hours, the rain stopped and we had filled up the trailer with toys for the children! The Baskets were overflowing with donations, and the table was full of finished blankets. Our Santa was tired from running back and forth for pictures, we had given out all the goodie bags and hot chocolate. We were all excited about our fun time together. Even with our social distancing, wearing of masks, and cold weather, the Service League of Greenville showed that we are excited to help in many ways even during tough times!!

After everyone rested, the winners of the contests were chosen. The Vase held 587 Hershey kisses and Kathie Beckman guessed 562!! The winner of the best Sweater/costume was Jean Askew…the newest elf in the membership!! The carloads of gifts are going to be delivered to the Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. The donations to the three Food Pantries will be distributed this week. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies in the Service League of Greenville for your amazing generosity.

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization who have served eastern NC for over 80 years. Please explore our website, or look for us on Facebook and Instagram.

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