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A Letter Of Appreciation For Hospice Volunteers

Shared from Vidant Home Health and Hospice News letter —

THE LINKS January 2018




I trust that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I wish to take a moment to sincerely thank you for all your services provided for our hospice patients and their families. I am reminded daily of so many great volunteers who share their precious time and talents. Over the past two weeks, I have had many such moments and I wanted to share some of them with you.


Nearly every day that I go to the inpatient hospice house to see patients, I am warmly greeted by people who attend the front entrance. I know that the families and friends who come to visit our patients are greeted just as kindly and lovingly. When I talk with the visitors there, they frequently mention how wonderful it is to have volunteers greet them at the entrance and show them where to go. I hear comments like “I want to do that sometime in the future” from the people who have been helped. Our volunteers clearly leave a strong positive impression on the people who enter the building and provide a welcoming atmosphere.


So many people express gratitude for the food brought in to the hospice house by our volunteers. Having delicious and nutritious food in the building allows for families to be able to focus spending time with their loved ones and not worry about where and what to eat. People who eat this food constantly think about the kind hands that brought them. People thank me and the staff at the hospice house for the food, but we have to explain to them where the food came from, then they are amazed.


People are often astonished that our beautiful prayer shawls are hand-woven by volunteers. Patients cling to them in comfort and feel the gentle hands that made them. I see the peace that these shawls bring to families in stressful times. Personal items that mean so much are often clipped to the prayer shawls. The families will have them at home to remember patients by because of the comforting power of the shawls.


Lastly, during our regular meetings to discuss our home patients, the entire hospice team frequently discusses how certain patients and families have benefitted or will benefit greatly from having a volunteer spend time with them. It is so helpful to have people who can connect with patients and spend time with them to bring them joy. Our patients express how they look forward to having volunteers come to their homes.


Dr. Tae Joon Lee.jpgThese are just some of the examples in the past few weeks that demonstrate how valuable our volunteer services are. Of course, there are lots more that the volunteers do than what I mentioned above, and each person’s contribution is unique and awesome. Thank you so much for being a big part of our hospice team to provide care that is loving, kind, and gentle.


With gratitude, Tae Joon Lee, MD


“When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words.”  ~~ Thema Davis



Dear Service League Of Greenville Members

With a few highlights from our February meeting, we’d like to show you just some of the reasons why each and every one of you make The Service League of Greenville NC a special organization and why The Service League of Greenville is 80 years strong!






You are — GENEROUS!
You are — COMMITTED!

You are — CARING!


You are — GRATEFUL!

Thank you for being you!  And thank you for all the amazing ways you contribute to our community as a member of The Service League of Greenville!

We  you!


Charity Ball Invitations — Addressed By Hand

It takes organization, willing hands, and good penmanship.   But in the age of everything digital, it’s nice to know The Service League of Greenville still follows the time-honored tradition of addressing envelopes by hand for The Laughinghouse Fund Charity Ball.

Even when doing hundreds…


Our thanks to all who dedicated a morning to this endeavor and a special thanks to Annette Jones for organizing and hosting an important part of the charity ball process.

The Service League of Greenville’s 55th Annual Laughinghouse Charity Ball is on March 3rd — A TASTE OF MARDI GRAS!

The invitations are out.  Don’t forget to do your part and RSVP!




What We’ve Been Up To — December 2017 & January 2018

service-league-sealService League of Greenville volunteers were hard at work in the months of —  December & January.

Here are just some of the ways our members shared their Service League time and talent with their community:

  • Service League Gift Shops & Snack Carts — 1113 hours
  • Charity Ball Fundraiser —139 hours
  • Vidant Medical Center Activities —-32 hours
  • Ronald McDonald House — 137 hours
  • Service League of Greenville Inpatient Hospice —137 hours
  • McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge —-150 hours
  • Layettes Program —28 hours
  • Other Projects —601 hours
  • Meetings — 668 hours
Total -— 3005 hours of service to our community!

Way to go Ladies!


Giving A Hand to RMH Thru Children’s Gifts And Holiday Dishes

For many Service League of Greenville members, “giving a hand” to the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina has become an annual Holiday tradition.  Whether buying gifts for children in the hospital or cooking up special dishes to share the comforts of home with families staying at RMH during the holidays, Service League members always come through in a big way.

53 Children’s Holiday Bags Filled

With only the age range and gender of a potential recipient to go by, Service League members picked up empty bags and returned 53 gift bags of goodies to brighten children’s faces.

Our thanks to all who shared their holiday spirit by “Giving a Hand”!


Charity Ball Committee Is In Full Swing

The Service League of Greenville’s 55th Annual Laughinghouse Charity Ball is on March 3rd, less than 6 weeks away — so don’t forget to save the date!

Meanwhile, under the guiding hands of Charity Ball Chair, Gwen Gordon and Laughinghouse Chair, Brenda Philips, the Charity Ball Committee is in full swing — invitations ordered, decorations planned, table settings selected, band reserved, fundraising well in hand, and taste testing for the menu happening soon …


102 Holiday Food Boxes

Donating holiday food boxes to our community is a long-standing tradition for the Service League of Greenville.  This year we out did our selves.  On December 12th, Food Boxes were delivered to 102 in-need families to enjoy over the holiday season.


A huge thanks to the many Service League of Greenville members who gave generously to this cause; Mr. Sumerlin, Store manager of Piggly Wiggly, who organized the purchase and packaging of food items: and, HOPE OF GLORY MINISTRIES & SALVATION ARMY who selected recipients within our community and organized delivery of the boxes.

Special thanks to SLG supper organizers Co-Chairs Marcia Pleasants and Linda Clark.


Celebrating The Season At Vidant Health’s Holiday Social

All Service League of Greenville members were invited to attend Vidant Health’s Holiday Social on December 7th.  Among those celebrating the season and enjoying the opportunity to meet Vidant Health executive board members and Vidant Health Foundation board members:

SLG Projects Chair, Susan Thornton; SLG President, Annelle West; SLG Placement Chair, Wilma Shackelford; and SLG Corresponding Secretary, Dorothy Smith


SLG Members “Ring The Bell” In Support Of The Salvation Army

Service League of Greenville members braved the cold on December 12th to raise donations in support of our community and as part of the Salvation Army’s kettle campaign.

“…The Salvation Army’s kettle campaign raises up to 70 percent of the Salvation Army’s total annual income, money that funds shelters, meal programs, Christmas toys, after-school programs, and emergency assistance…”

Pictured below are just a few of the ten members who took time out of their busy holiday season to take a turn ringing the bell in front of JCPenney’s doors.

Martha Bloss and Sheri Carter
Linda Harrington and Linda Seykora

Our thanks to everyone who participated — both as bell ringers and kettle donators!  And a special thanks to Sustaining Chairs, Kathie Beckman and Laurie Charlton for organizing this event!


A Merry SLG Board Christmas Brunch

Welcomed by snowmen and beautiful themed Christmas trees, basking in the warm glow of miniature village lights, THE SERVICE LEAGUE OF GREENVILLE board members escaped the hustle and bustle of the season during a Christmas brunch hosted by SLG 2nd Vice President, Danette Pugh.

The food was delicious and the company delightful.  A huge thank you to our hostess and her merry team of elves — ah, helpers.