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Christmas Drive Through

Written by Service League of Greenville member: Cassie Causey, 2nd Vice President

On the cold and rainy morning of December 7th, the Service League of Greenville held its first ever Christmas Drive Through for our members. We set up in the First Presbyterian Church parking lot with a red truck with a Christmas tree in the back, a trailer with a Christmas tree and a fireplace, and tents to cover us while we served hot chocolate and goodie bags. The fireplace had a beautiful wreath given to the Service League by the Vidant Medical Foundation. Our President and Board members all dressed up as elves or in our Ugly Christmas sweaters. We were joined by Santa, along with beautiful Christmas music played by Clay Steinwinter.  We want to thank WITN-TV for coming and sharing our day on the local news.

As more than 100 ladies drove through the parking lot, they had pictures taken with Santa, dropped off toys for the Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House, and made donations to be shared with 3 Food Pantries in Pitt County. Many showed off their ugly Christmas sweaters, others dropped off blankets they had made for patients at Vidant, and others turned in their guesses as to how many Hershey kisses were in the big vase. 

After 2 hours, the rain stopped and we had filled up the trailer with toys for the children! The Baskets were overflowing with donations, and the table was full of finished blankets. Our Santa was tired from running back and forth for pictures, we had given out all the goodie bags and hot chocolate. We were all excited about our fun time together. Even with our social distancing, wearing of masks, and cold weather, the Service League of Greenville showed that we are excited to help in many ways even during tough times!!

After everyone rested, the winners of the contests were chosen. The Vase held 587 Hershey kisses and Kathie Beckman guessed 562!! The winner of the best Sweater/costume was Jean Askew…the newest elf in the membership!! The carloads of gifts are going to be delivered to the Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. The donations to the three Food Pantries will be distributed this week. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies in the Service League of Greenville for your amazing generosity.

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization who have served eastern NC for over 80 years. Please explore our website www.serviceleaguegreenvillenc.com, or look for us on Facebook and Instagram.


Giving — Our Mission

The Service League is busy with giving our time, our energy, and our resources to many organizations in the community.

We are proud to present a check for $25,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals on June 2, 2019.  Pictured above is Dave Jordan, Ann Taylor and Danette Pugh.

Here is another great pictures of the members who volunteered their time at the 3rd Annual Ronald McDonald Telethon with WNCT.

ladies Debbie Adams, Susan Thornton , Cindy Collie, Ann Taylor, Danette Pugh, Wilma Shackelford

Gwen Gordon just love animals.  As the Chair of the Special Projects Committee, she coordinated a list of much needed items to support Spay Today. This effort will further assist with their mission of providing low cost spay/neuter services for dogs and cats in Pitt and surrounding counties.  Many thanks to all the members who brought these items to the first General Meeting in September.

Gwen Gordon

spayMembers of Spay Today were happy to receive the delivery!

Thank You For Calling!

Thanks to the members who volunteered at the 3rd Annual Ronald McDonald Telethon with WNCT. The ladies had a great time together and the Telethon reached over $26,000 in pledges!  Pictured above (left to right):  Lori Wagner, Debbie Adams, Martha Bloss, Beth Harman, Nancy MacGilvray, Dorothy Smith, Susan Thornton, Cindy Collie, Arlene Ferren.

2019 May Luncheon

Our annual May Luncheon was held on May 15, 2019 at Rock Springs Center and what a joyful and celebratory event it was.

We welcomed six new members who delighted us with a most comical skit consisting of epic member experiences while being on duty as Service League members.

Karen Carr, Ann Braxton, Phyllis Horns, Dorothy Muller, Barbara Quinn, Miranda Oliver


Our Scholarship Chair, Brenda Philips, presented Jeff McPherson, Director of Development at ECU Medical and Health Sciences Foundation, with a check in the amount of $11,000.  ECU recognized and honored us with The Order of the Cupola trophy.


Congratulations to our award recipients for being outstanding and exemplary members:

Ormond Service Cup — Jo Ann Jones
Agnes Wilkerson Award — Linda Seykora
President’s Tray — Susan Thornton


We inducted new members to the Board with Wilma Shackelford as Treasurer and Donna Kraus as Recording Secretary.

Wilma Shakelford, Danette Pugh, Ann Taylor, Wendy Farrior, Donna Kraus


Reflecting what a busy and productive year it has been, Susan Thornton, Chair of the Communications committee, has compiled the following report.  Thank you members for your time and energy and a service heart.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!


Hospice House

The Service League of Greenville Hospice House, located on 920 Wellness Drive
Greenville, NC, provides end -of-life care in the spacious eight-bed house with the comforts of home.

The Memory Tree sculpture that is on the entrance wall is made up of bronze, aluminum, and copper leaves that can be inscribed with the names of those who have passed away at the Hospice House. Family members or friends who want to honor the memory of those people who were dear to them can purchase a leaf to memorialize their loved one.


Service League members set tables on the fourth Thursday of each month to serve a meal to all Hospice House guests. Gail Joyner, Donna Moore, Beth Beasley, and Betty leRoux served a meal in February.  Ellen Crawley, Anna Fay Campbell, Mary Lou Cherry, and Barbara Bowser served guests in March.  Our current Chairperson, Betty leRoux, provides sign-up sheets on the back tables at the general meeting for members to sign up to serve a meal.


In case you missed the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Hospice House last October, here is a recap with member Martha Bloss, Chair of Hospice House last year.


On Thursday, April 11, 2019, Hospice volunteers were honored for their service.  

Memory Bear workshop is scheduled for May 11, 2019. Sewing experience is NOT required.  

For more information on the Hospice House, contact Angelina Brittle at 252-847-0879 or Crystal Corbett, Vidant Health Foundations at 252-847-1230.

Read All About It…Our Gift Shops

In the first edition of the 2019 City Flare Magazine, one can read and learn a bit of history about the three gift shops run by the Service League of Greenville.  The article was comprised and written by Cassie Causey and Kim Sayers who are League members and also members in the Communications Committee chaired by Susan Thornton.

Find copies of City Flare Magazine at local businesses around town and come visit our gift shops!


Just For Fun!

The Service League of Greenville gathered at one its members’ new business, Simply Divine Oil and Wine, located at 692 E Arlington Blvd, for a fun social last Thursday. Owner Kim Sayers opened her store and welcomed the members to gather and relax and catch up amongst friends. Thanks to all the ladies who attended and thank you Kim for your hospitality!



Welcome To An English Garden Party!

On Saturday February 23, 2019, the Service League of Greenville 56th Annual Charity Ball was held at Rock Springs Center.

Program by Susan Thornton

Thanks to the efforts of Chairpersons Marcia Pleasants and Theresa Warren and the Charity Ball Committee, approximately 280 guests attended the Ball and danced to live music by The Embers.

Click on the Daily Reflector Scene Around for more photos! http://www.reflector.com/Gallery/Scene-Around-Service-League-Of-Greenville-Charity-Ball