Welcome To An English Garden Party!

On Saturday February 23, 2019, the Service League of Greenville 56th Annual Charity Ball was held at Rock Springs Center.

Program by Susan Thornton

Thanks to the efforts of Chairpersons Marcia Pleasants and Theresa Warren and the Charity Ball Committee, approximately 280 guests attended the Ball and danced to live music by The Embers.

Click on the Daily Reflector Scene Around for more photos! http://www.reflector.com/Gallery/Scene-Around-Service-League-Of-Greenville-Charity-Ball

Gift Shop Encounter — Hamilton & Brittany

Working in one of the Service League of Greenville gift shops we never know who or what we’re going to encounter.  Sometimes, it really makes our day…

From SLG member Beth Harman:

I met Hamilton, a therapy dog at the cancer center, and his owner Brittany.  They stopped by to see our Hope & Caring Boutique.  Hamilton is such a great therapy dog.  He is deaf and only has one eye.  He is a Great Dane and is 6 years old.  There are about 6 therapy dogs that they (recreational therapy department) use at the cancer center.  I loved the picture they took because it has the outside of the shop and the shop plaque above us… I just loved that dog!

Back in March, The Daily Reflector did a wonderful article on Brittany Dail and Hamilton highlighting their therapy work and efforts to educate others about responsible pet ownership and special needs pets.

Here’s a video from the article:

A huge Service League of Greenville thank you to Brittany and Hamilton for their amazing service to our community by bringing comfort and joy to patients and helping to make pet ownership better for pets and people.

( Please check out the full online article at the Daily Reflector — CLICK HERE.)


Welcome to The Service League of Greenville 55th Annual Charity Ball

On Saturday March 3, 2018 THE SERVICE LEAGUE OF GREENVILLE Fifty-fifth Annual Charity Ball to benefit THE LAUGHINGHOUSE HOSPITAL FUND was held at Rock Springs.

The Laughinghouse Hospital Fund was established in 1939 and is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Charles O’Hagan Laughinghouse. Today, through the recommendations of physicians and the assistance of social services, our fund  provides prescription medicine to those in the community who do not have medical insurance and are not receiving public assistance.

Welcome to “A Taste of Mardi Gras”!


Adding “A Taste Of Mardi Gras” Decorations To Our Charity Ball

Service League of Greenville members came out in force to set the stage for “A Taste of Mardi Gras” at our 55th Annual Charity Ball.  Decorations are the last cog in a well oiled Charity Ball committee.  It takes a lot of hands (wielding hammers, glue guns, ladders, staples, beads, feathers, lights, masks, etc) and discussions to put together a ball for over 270 people.

Of course every year is different.  This year, the only thing that beat the number of member/workers were the number of beautiful masks used in the decorations…

Here is a little pre-ball taste of Mardi Gras.

Thanks to all who added their own taste of Mardi Gras magic to the Service League of Greenville’s 55th Annual Charity Ball for the benefit of The Laughinghouse Hospital Fund.


Taste Testing A Mardi Gras Menu

With every big event there are just some jobs that no one likes to do — Grab a mop anyone??

And then there are jobs that require tough decisions and steely determination to see them through — like the job of taste testing a Mardi Gras menu at Rock Springs for The Service League of Greenville’s 55th Annual Laughinghouse Fund Charity Ball.

Yeah, taste testing is a tough job and here is the group of ladies who managed to marshal their forces to get it done.

Doesn’t it look like they were really suffering through this “job”?


Giving A Hand to RMH Thru Children’s Gifts And Holiday Dishes

For many Service League of Greenville members, “giving a hand” to the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina has become an annual Holiday tradition.  Whether buying gifts for children in the hospital or cooking up special dishes to share the comforts of home with families staying at RMH during the holidays, Service League members always come through in a big way.

53 Children’s Holiday Bags Filled

With only the age range and gender of a potential recipient to go by, Service League members picked up empty bags and returned 53 gift bags of goodies to brighten children’s faces.

Our thanks to all who shared their holiday spirit by “Giving a Hand”!


What We’ve Been Up To — November 2017

service-league-sealService League of Greenville volunteers were hard at work in the month of — November 2017.

Here are just some of the ways our members shared their Service League time and talent with their community:


  • Service League Gift Shops & Snack Carts — 530 hours
  • Charity Ball Fundraiser — 16 hours
  • Vidant Medical Center Activities —  31 hours
  • Ronald McDonald House —   76 hours
  • Service League of Greenville Inpatient Hospice — 59 hours
  • McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge — 58 hours
  • Layettes Program — 1 hours
  • Other Projects — 199 hours
  • Meetings — 322 hours

November Total —- 1291 hours of service to our community!

Way to go Ladies!


Patient And Family Touched By Receiving SLG Blanket

As Service League of Greenville members, we take pride in having “Service Hearts.”  We do what we do to make a difference in our community and not for the recognition we receive.  Just the same, it makes our day when someone lets us know how much they appreciate our efforts…

Such as this recent encounter shared by several SLG members working in our Service League of Greenville Gift Shop.  From Martha Bloss:

“While working in the SLG Gift Shop today, a woman came in to thank the SLG for giving her mother a blanket.  Her 87 year old mom makes many blankets and gives them to the fire dept and a child abuse social worker.  She was thrilled to receive a blanket from someone else when she truly needed it. “

Another SLG members adds:

“This was a special and rather moving experience for each of us there.  The daughter was sincerely appreciative of what had been given to her mother, who in turn, had been doing so much for others.”

Can it get any better than serving those who serve others?  A huge SLG thank you to all who share their “Service Hearts.”


Getting To Know You…

As a fun way for members to “meet & greet” their fellow volunteers, Service League of Greenville 2nd Vice President Danette Pugh has been finding creative disguises to chat up randomly selected members during our monthly meetings…

Service League of Greenville President Annelle West looks on as “Pilgrim” Danette draws the names of the lucky “winners”…

Nov SLG Mtg

SLG members Joan Giordano and Teresa Warren give each other moral support as the questioning chatting begins…

Nov SLG Mtg 2