Taste Testing A Mardi Gras Menu

With every big event there are just some jobs that no one likes to do — Grab a mop anyone??

And then there are jobs that require tough decisions and steely determination to see them through — like the job of taste testing a Mardi Gras menu at Rock Springs for The Service League of Greenville’s 55th Annual Laughinghouse Fund Charity Ball.

Yeah, taste testing is a tough job and here is the group of ladies who managed to marshal their forces to get it done.

Doesn’t it look like they were really suffering through this “job”?


Charity Ball Committee Is In Full Swing

The Service League of Greenville’s 55th Annual Laughinghouse Charity Ball is on March 3rd, less than 6 weeks away!

Meanwhile, under the guiding hands of Charity Ball Chair, Gwen Gordon and Laughinghouse Chair, Brenda Philips, the Charity Ball Committee is in full swing — invitations ordered, decorations planned, table settings selected, band reserved, fundraising well in hand, and taste testing for the menu happening soon …



Welcome To “An Evening In Paris”

On Saturday February 18, 2017, THE SERVICE LEAGUE OF GREENVILLE Fifty-fourth Annual Charity Ball for the benefit of THE LAUGHINGHOUSE HOSPITAL FUND was held at Rock Springs.

The Laughinghouse Hospital Fund was established in 1939 and is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Charles O’Hagan Laughinghouse. Today, through the recommendations of physicians and the assistance of social services, our fund  provides prescription medicine to those in the community who do not have medical insurance and are not receiving public assistance.

Welcome to “An Evening In Paris”…