In Recognition and Appreciation From Vidant Health Foundation

The Service League of Greenville was featured in the Vidant Health Foundation newsletter, THE GIFT:

Photo credit Jenni Farrow for Vidant Health Foundantion

“The Service League of Greenville made their first $300,000 payment towards a $2 million pledge to help fund Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.  This contribution to the new facility is the group’s largest to date. Through their generosity, the Service League of Greenville chose the public healing garden as the area to give towards that will provide tranquility and peacefulness to cancer patients and their families.”

Our beautifully worded greeting at the entrance to the healing garden speaks to the Service League of Greenville’s commitment to the health and wellness of our community.

Enjoy many more pictures of the Service League of Greenville, healing gardens and Cancer Center  at


The Service League of Greenville was also honored by a lovely THANK YOU cake from Vidant Health Foundation at our May general meeting delivered by Blaire Vick, Event Coordinator along with Bobbie Lapiejko, Director Annual Giving and Crystal Corbett, Major Gift Officer.


In The News: Charity Ball Chair & Theme Announced

The Service League of Greenville was in the news last week — the Daily Reflector announced this year’s Laughinghouse Fund Charity Ball Chairperson, Gwen Gordon and the 2018 charity ball theme — “A Taste of Mardi Gras.” (An on-line digital copy could not be found, so a print copy is included below for those who may have missed it.)


Service League In The News: Service Awards Luncheon and Attendee Photos


Service League of Greenville’s Service Award Luncheon:

In case you missed it — in the Sunday, May 21 issue of The Daily Reflector was an article on the Service League of Greenville’s Annual May Luncheon and featured a nice picture of our three service award recipients – Wilma Shackelford, Linda Osborn, and Frances Mallison.  To see and read the article on-line, just click on this link — League members honored.

Attendee Photos:

The Daily Reflectors’ Scene Around also took many pictures of the colorful and creatively hatted luncheon attendees. Those picture are available on-line for viewing and purchase.  To view this Scene Around galary, click on this link:  Scene Around Service League Awards Luncheon May 17


In Memory of…

It saddens us to recognize the passing of these fine Service League of Greenville members:

Jacquelyn Buck

Eleanor Burnette

Jackie Coggins

Joan Crane

Della Dayson

Nina Guice

Peg Haigwood

Carrie Oakley

Peggy Pryor

Martha Snowden

Mary Ann Waldrop

We are forever thankful for their many years of fellowship, their dedication to the goals of the Service League, and their commitment to serving the needs of their community.


Service League In The News: Charity Ball Sightings & Service League doings

unknownCharity Ball Sightings:

Bee There Media’s #252Buzz, Bella Magazine, and The Daily Reflectors’ Scene Around took pictures of attendees at THE SERVICE LEAGUE OF GREENVILLE 2017 Charity Ball. Those picture are now available on-line for viewing and purchase.

Just click on the direct links below:
On Facebook: #252Buzz at the 2017 Service League of Greenville Charity Ball (approx. 170)

On line: #252Buzz at the 2017 Service League of Greenville Charity Ball (approx. 170)

On Facebook: Bella Magazine: 2017 Service League Charity Ball (45)

On line: SCENE AROUND: Service League Charity Ball (approx. 30)

Service League doings:

In case you missed it in Sunday’s paper, The Daily Reflector has a nice recap on recent Service League of Greenville doings.  Check it out on-line — “Service League lives up to name.”


Welcome To “An Evening In Paris”

On Saturday February 18, 2017, THE SERVICE LEAGUE OF GREENVILLE Fifty-fourth Annual Charity Ball for the benefit of THE LAUGHINGHOUSE HOSPITAL FUND was held at Rock Springs.

The Laughinghouse Hospital Fund was established in 1939 and is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Charles O’Hagan Laughinghouse. Today, through the recommendations of physicians and the assistance of social services, our fund  provides prescription medicine to those in the community who do not have medical insurance and are not receiving public assistance.

Welcome to “An Evening In Paris”…

SERVICE LEAGUE IN THE NEWS: Looking Back At Our 1987 Charity Ball

Check it out — The Daily Reflector featured a “Back in the Day” look at The Service League of Greenville’s 1987 Laughinghouse Fund Charity Ball.   The theme that year was — Mardi Gras!