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2022 Charity Ball

The Laughinghouse Hospital fund was established in 1939 in honor of the late Dr. Charles O’Hagan Laughinghouse.

Dr. Laughinghouse was a founder of the privately-owned Pitt Community Hospital established in 1924 and evolved into what is now known as Vidant Medical Center. This fund was created to provide care for indigent patients staying at Pitt General Hospital, which later Pitt County Memorial Hospital and is now Vidant Medical Center.

For over 76 years this fund has helped those in the Pitt County community who did not have medical insurance and were not receiving public or federal assistance. Currently, the Laughinghouse Fund provides assistance with prescription drugs and small medical aid.

It is the privilege of physicians in our county to recommend patients for this service.*

*Care and prescription aid is offered impartially based on recommendations made to us by county physicians and social service employees for patients in need, who are uninsured, and without any other assistance including from federal or state agencies.  Because the needs are so great, there is a per patient life-time funding cap.

Each year the Service League of Greenville hosts an annual Charity Ball. Its purpose is to raise money to benefit recipients of the Laughinghouse Fund. If you would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause, or help sponsor the Charity Ball, please mail inquiries or checks to:

The Laughinghouse Fund
c/o The Service League of Greenville, Inc.
P.O. Box 30452
Greenville, NC 27834