Hospice House

The Service League of Greenville Hospice House, located on 920 Wellness Drive
Greenville, NC, provides end -of-life care in the spacious eight-bed house with the comforts of home.

The Memory Tree sculpture that is on the entrance wall is made up of bronze, aluminum, and copper leaves that can be inscribed with the names of those who have passed away at the Hospice House. Family members or friends who want to honor the memory of those people who were dear to them can purchase a leaf to memorialize their loved one.


Service League members set tables on the fourth Thursday of each month to serve a meal to all Hospice House guests. Gail Joyner, Donna Moore, Beth Beasley, and Betty leRoux served a meal in February.  Ellen Crawley, Anna Fay Campbell, Mary Lou Cherry, and Barbara Bowser served guests in March.  Our current Chairperson, Betty leRoux, provides sign-up sheets on the back tables at the general meeting for members to sign up to serve a meal.


In case you missed the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Hospice House last October, here is a recap with member Martha Bloss, Chair of Hospice House last year.


On Thursday, April 11, 2019, Hospice volunteers were honored for their service.  

Memory Bear workshop is scheduled for May 11, 2019. Sewing experience is NOT required.  

For more information on the Hospice House, contact Angelina Brittle at 252-847-0879 or Crystal Corbett, Vidant Health Foundations at 252-847-1230.

Our Meetings…Holiday Style!

Our annual Christmas Tea in the month of December is once again, colorful and bright.

It is conducted by an elf named Danette…

Rita Galbraith presents her report and shares the beautiful blankets that her committee is making for patients and families.  We are honored to have coffee in a silver set that was owned by member Connie Bond.

Wonderful food and fellowship is summed up by our organizer Brenda Philips:

Please extend my gratitude to the membership for helping to make the Christmas Tea a success again this year by bringing holiday goodies.
I particularly want to again recognize Jamie Kirby and Marcia Pleasants, my trusty assistants; Earlene Hite , who not only arranged the exquisite flowers but donated them as well; for sustaining members Kathy Beckman and Laurie Charlton who served beverages; and last, but not least, Annelle West who helped set up and navigate the church kitchen. She also took the linens home to laundry.
Terrence Clemons was invaluable! And such a gentleman.
I am donating any expense I encountered for cups, plates, napkins, supplies, coffee, cider, etc. So, as far as I know there will be no expense for the tea to the League.
I hope the provisionals will continue to be “lit “with the love shown them during this welcoming tea.

Our provisional members (l to r):  Ann Braxton, Karen Carr, Melanie Gaines, Miranda Oliver, Dorothy Muller, Phyllis Horns, Barbara Quinn

There is just so much talent in the League and in the November meeting, we were entertained by our past president, Annelle West’s singing and guitar.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday!


In the News…

The Service League was publicly recognized again by Vidant Health in a full page ad in The Daily Reflector on October 14 and October 21.  Pictured in their Service League coats, from left are Kim Lewis, Fran Best, Bonnie Porter, Karen Gagnon, and our website designer, Linda Anselmi, who will be greatly missed due to her relocating in November.

We are appreciative of this ad and the continued support and partnership with Vidant Health.





The Mayor of Greenville, P.J. Connelly, attended our monthly meeting on Monday, October 1st to present a Proclamation to Service League members naming the month of October 2018 as The Service League of Greenville Appreciation Month…to commemorate our 80th year anniversary!

The plaque was presented to our President, Ann Taylor.

Ann Taylor & Mayor P.J. Connelly


Thank you Gigi Walter for organizing this event.

The following Proclamation was read to our membership by the Mayor.




The Service League was honored by the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation with a $2,500 grant this past month.  The Smith Family Foundation is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and recognizing the Service League as a partnership in giving back to the community.

The Service League is immensely appreciative for this grant from the Smith Family Foundation.  The funds will be appropriated to a project that will benefit the local community.

The Smith Family Foundation was also in the news in March 2018:


Gift Shop Encounter — Hamilton & Brittany

Working in one of the Service League of Greenville gift shops we never know who or what we’re going to encounter.  Sometimes, it really makes our day…

From SLG member Beth Harman:

I met Hamilton, a therapy dog at the cancer center, and his owner Brittany.  They stopped by to see our Hope & Caring Boutique.  Hamilton is such a great therapy dog.  He is deaf and only has one eye.  He is a Great Dane and is 6 years old.  There are about 6 therapy dogs that they (recreational therapy department) use at the cancer center.  I loved the picture they took because it has the outside of the shop and the shop plaque above us… I just loved that dog!

Back in March, The Daily Reflector did a wonderful article on Brittany Dail and Hamilton highlighting their therapy work and efforts to educate others about responsible pet ownership and special needs pets.

Here’s a video from the article:

A huge Service League of Greenville thank you to Brittany and Hamilton for their amazing service to our community by bringing comfort and joy to patients and helping to make pet ownership better for pets and people.

( Please check out the full online article at the Daily Reflector — CLICK HERE.)


Service League of Greenville Sponsors Military Women Attending Health Symposium

It is with great pride and honor that The Service League of Greenville announces its sponsorship of military women attending the 2018 Military Women’s Health Symposium.

The interdisciplinary conference is to raise awareness of the unique health needs of active duty and veteran women and to improve care by updating providers on best practices in screening, prevention, and intervention of health conditions specific to military women.  It is a combined effort by Vidant, the VA, EAHEC and Duke AHEC.

And, what better way for our new SLG President, Ann Taylor, to start her two year term, then with a $5,000 donation from The Service League of Greenville to 2018 Military Women’s Health Symposium.  The funds will help cover the meals and ticket costs for veteran and active-duty military women.

Pictured above (l to r): Todd Thompson, Vidant Vets Committee; Ann Taylor, President, Service League of Greenville: Karen Goble, Assistant Director of Continuing Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Education, EAHEC; Dr. Janice Busher, Women’s Health Care Provider, Greenville VA: Patricia K Grabania, Women’s Health Coordinator, Greenville VA.

As we continues to celebrate our 80th year, it is inspiring to know The Service League of Greenville is still finding opportunities to serve our community in new ways.


In Recognition and Appreciation From Vidant Health Foundation

The Service League of Greenville was featured in the Vidant Health Foundation newsletter, THE GIFT:

Photo credit Jenni Farrow for Vidant Health Foundantion

“The Service League of Greenville made their first $300,000 payment towards a $2 million pledge to help fund Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.  This contribution to the new facility is the group’s largest to date. Through their generosity, the Service League of Greenville chose the public healing garden as the area to give towards that will provide tranquility and peacefulness to cancer patients and their families.”

Our beautifully worded greeting at the entrance to the healing garden speaks to the Service League of Greenville’s commitment to the health and wellness of our community.

Enjoy many more pictures of the Service League of Greenville, healing gardens and Cancer Center  at jennifarrow.com.


The Service League of Greenville was also honored by a lovely THANK YOU cake from Vidant Health Foundation at our May general meeting delivered by Blaire Vick, Event Coordinator along with Bobbie Lapiejko, Director Annual Giving and Crystal Corbett, Major Gift Officer.


The Service League of Greenville’s Hospice House Chairman Honored

Our own, Martha Bloss, Hospice House chairman for The Service League of Greenville was honored for her outstanding volunteer work with The Service League of Greenville Inpatient Hospice.

Angelina Brittle, Hospice Social Worker and Volunteer Coordinator & Martha Bloss, Hospice House Chairman, The Service League of Greenville.

The hospice house cares for patients who have pain or other symptoms that are hard to manage at home. The eight-bed facility offers medical care in a home-like environment and allows hospice patients and family members to be together. Service League members who volunteer there provide non-medical support and are specially trained to assist at the front desk and to read to patients. Non-trained Service League members bake treats and take meals during the holidays for patients’ families and visitors.


In Recognition of Our Service Support of The McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge

The American Cancer Society’s McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge is a temporary “home away from home” for cancer patients to stay while they are going through cancer treatments in Greenville. Since its doors opened in 2002, The Service League of Greenville has provided strong service support for the Hope Lodge.  

Our own Brenda Edwards was the first to greet guest when the doors opened in 2002 and she has been a dedicated volunteer ever since.

Most weekdays there is a Service League member working the front reception desk greeting guests and answering phones. We also help with set-up and clean-up during special events, and many members drop off homemade desserts or hearty dishs for guests to enjoy during their stay and are especially welcome during holidays.

Service League of Greenville members gave nearly 200 hours of service to Hope Lodge in the month of April.  

At The Hope Lodge’s 16th Annual Reunion, The Service League of Greenville was honored as “Group Volunteer of the Year”.   From Katrina Combs, Hope Lodge Manager:

A big THANK YOU to all the members of the Service League of Greenville for their many hours of service and their many YEARS of service.  We are so very grateful for your support in our mission to offer temporary housing when guests receive cancer treatment in our area. The dessert selection at our event was the tastiest, most delightful we’ve ever served.

Thank you!

Hope Lodge chair Betty LeRoux, along with Cassie Causey and Donna Moore, accepted the award on behalf of all Service League of Greenville members.

We’d like to add our thanks to all our members for their ongoing dedication and support of Hope Lodge.  And, a special SLG THANK YOU to Katrina Combs and the American Cancer Society for providing such a warm and welcoming “home away from home” to cancer patients visiting our community.