Delivery for Layette

A delivery of 12 Layette bags was made on Nov 6 to both The Brody School of Medicine OB/GYN Department and Public Health Baby Love program. Another remaining 12 layette packages were delivered to Carolina Pregnancy on Wednesday. The organizations were extremely appreciative of the generosity from the members of the Service League of Greenville. The donated baby supplies and clothing will be distributed for use in our local community.

Thank you to Rita Galbraith for organizing the collection and delivery of these items!  


Donations for Grifton to assist with Florence Recovery

Service League members gathered items that were donated at Pugh’s Tire on Dickinson Avenue on Tuesday, Sept 18.  Grifton is currently experiencing major flooding and loss of power due to Hurricane Florence this past weekend.

Susan Thornton, Danette Pugh, Wilma Shackelford

There was a great outpouring from the members and the community.  All the items have  been loaded and delivered to Grifton Mission Ministries. Thanks to everyone!


Giving A Helping Hand At RMH Telethon

Although Service League of Greenville members are currently on summer break, when a helping hand is needed for the second annual Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina Telethon we find a way to be there.

SLG members working the phone bank at the second annual Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina Telethon.

Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina is an independent, community supported 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides a temporary “home-away-from-home” for families of children who are receiving treatment in our community’s medical facilities.  


In Recognition of Our Service Support of The McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge

The American Cancer Society’s McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge is a temporary “home away from home” for cancer patients to stay while they are going through cancer treatments in Greenville. Since its doors opened in 2002, The Service League of Greenville has provided strong service support for the Hope Lodge.  

Our own Brenda Edwards was the first to greet guest when the doors opened in 2002 and she has been a dedicated volunteer ever since.

Most weekdays there is a Service League member working the front reception desk greeting guests and answering phones. We also help with set-up and clean-up during special events, and many members drop off homemade desserts or hearty dishs for guests to enjoy during their stay and are especially welcome during holidays.

Service League of Greenville members gave nearly 200 hours of service to Hope Lodge in the month of April.  

At The Hope Lodge’s 16th Annual Reunion, The Service League of Greenville was honored as “Group Volunteer of the Year”.   From Katrina Combs, Hope Lodge Manager:

A big THANK YOU to all the members of the Service League of Greenville for their many hours of service and their many YEARS of service.  We are so very grateful for your support in our mission to offer temporary housing when guests receive cancer treatment in our area. The dessert selection at our event was the tastiest, most delightful we’ve ever served.

Thank you!

Hope Lodge chair Betty LeRoux, along with Cassie Causey and Donna Moore, accepted the award on behalf of all Service League of Greenville members.

We’d like to add our thanks to all our members for their ongoing dedication and support of Hope Lodge.  And, a special SLG THANK YOU to Katrina Combs and the American Cancer Society for providing such a warm and welcoming “home away from home” to cancer patients visiting our community.


From Inpatient Hospice House A #VidantThankYou

In case you missed this posting by Angelina Brittle, on Vidant Health’s facebook page:

We have a very special #VidantThankYou to the Service League of Greenville. They donated sodas to stock our inpatient hospice house kitchen for our patients, their families and visitors to enjoy. Words cannot express how much comfort something like this can bring to our families.

A cart full of needed soda items donated by SLG members at our last meeting and delivered to Service League of Greenville Inpatient Hospice by SLG Hospice House Chair Martha Bloss.

Our thanks to Angelina for the lovely posting, Martha for organizing this, and all who donated!!



Fifteen Years Of Volunteer Service Honored

During the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge annual reunion in April,  The Service League of Greenville, Inc. was honored with a group award for 15 years of volunteer service and support.  Hope Lodge manager, Katrina Combs, and Hope Lodge Regional Manager, Sundi Herring, presented the award to Becky Brittle, our Hope Lodge Chairwoman, on behalf of all our members.

From the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge facebook page:

The members of the Service League of Greenville, Inc. are dedicated volunteers who have served the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge since we opened our doors in 2002. Members have generously given of their time and talents at the front desk each day of the week for the past 15 years. They bake tasty desserts for our annual reunions and look for ways to serve the cancer patients and caregivers of Hope Lodge on a daily basis. This year, they helped us spruce up our outdoor seating areas by sponsoring the making of beautiful teal colored cushions.

A huge Service League thank you to the Hope Lodge organization for the much appreciated recognition of our work, to McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge staff for all they do for the community and to our many Service League members who give willing of their time and effort to such a worthy cause.


Service In Support of Hospice House

Service League of Greenville members were among those honored during Vidant Home Health and Hospice’s annual volunteer appreciation luncheon on April 6th.   Our members share their volunteer time and talent at Hospice House through general patient and family interactions, administrative tasks, bereavement calls, home visits, home cooked meals, and assistance during special events.

To all who volunteer at Service League of Greenville Inpatient Hospice House, we join Vidant Home Health and Hospice in saying “thank you for your selflessness and dedication to serving hospice patients and families.”

Hospice volunteers at 2017 annual luncheon

You can see more pictures at Vidant Health’s Facebook page. Click HERE.