Fifteen Years Of Volunteer Service Honored

During the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge annual reunion in April,  The Service League of Greenville, Inc. was honored with a group award for 15 years of volunteer service and support.  Hope Lodge manager, Katrina Combs, and Hope Lodge Regional Manager, Sundi Herring, presented the award to Becky Brittle, our Hope Lodge Chairwoman, on behalf of all our members.

From the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge facebook page:

The members of the Service League of Greenville, Inc. are dedicated volunteers who have served the McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge since we opened our doors in 2002. Members have generously given of their time and talents at the front desk each day of the week for the past 15 years. They bake tasty desserts for our annual reunions and look for ways to serve the cancer patients and caregivers of Hope Lodge on a daily basis. This year, they helped us spruce up our outdoor seating areas by sponsoring the making of beautiful teal colored cushions.

A huge Service League thank you to the Hope Lodge organization for the much appreciated recognition of our work, to McConnell-Raab Hope Lodge staff for all they do for the community and to our many Service League members who give willing of their time and effort to such a worthy cause.


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