Our Meetings…Holiday Style!

Our annual Christmas Tea in the month of December is once again, colorful and bright.

It is conducted by an elf named Danette…

Rita Galbraith presents her report and shares the beautiful blankets that her committee is making for patients and families.  We are honored to have coffee in a silver set that was owned by member Connie Bond.

Wonderful food and fellowship is summed up by our organizer Brenda Philips:

Please extend my gratitude to the membership for helping to make the Christmas Tea a success again this year by bringing holiday goodies.
I particularly want to again recognize Jamie Kirby and Marcia Pleasants, my trusty assistants; Earlene Hite , who not only arranged the exquisite flowers but donated them as well; for sustaining members Kathy Beckman and Laurie Charlton who served beverages; and last, but not least, Annelle West who helped set up and navigate the church kitchen. She also took the linens home to laundry.
Terrence Clemons was invaluable! And such a gentleman.
I am donating any expense I encountered for cups, plates, napkins, supplies, coffee, cider, etc. So, as far as I know there will be no expense for the tea to the League.
I hope the provisionals will continue to be “lit “with the love shown them during this welcoming tea.

Our provisional members (l to r):  Ann Braxton, Karen Carr, Melanie Gaines, Miranda Oliver, Dorothy Muller, Phyllis Horns, Barbara Quinn

There is just so much talent in the League and in the November meeting, we were entertained by our past president, Annelle West’s singing and guitar.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday!


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