It was late spring 1938 when tea was held at the Woman’s Club by the Advisory Council of the Thrift Shop.  After a brief social period, the discussion of a need for an organization to serve the needy and to help the community was presented.  Questions and discussion followed.

It was then a tentative plan was made to form such an organization.  It was to be patterned after the Junior League and it was named “The Service League of Greenville”.  Mrs. R. C. Stokes, Jr., was elected president.  The office adjoined the Thrift Shop and opened its quarters in the Dickinson Avenue Branch of the Guaranty Bank and Trust company in the fall of 1938.





Service League projects – 1939

In 1939, Service League of Greenville membership expanded from 45 women to 60, their major projects were:

Thrift Shop – operated by Service League of Greenville members with donated adult & children’s clothes available for purchase by the needy for a small charge, funds collected through the shop were used for the Hospital Bed Space.

Hospital Bed Space & Bed Fund – Service League of Greenville paid 2/3 and the Duke Foundation paid 1/3 of the expenses for one bed in Pitt General Hospital for those in the community that needed, but could not afford hospitalization.  Medical care was provided with no cost to the patient.

Lending Closet for Sick Rooms – Service League of Greenville provide items to be lent for in home care included iron bed & mattress, bed linen, wash basin, pitcher, bed pans, rubber sheeting, and hot water bottle.

Other ways The Service League of Greenville served their community in 1939:

  • Provided Layettes – 4 complete layettes made and given to community members
  • Assisted in Red Cross Blood Drives
  • Sold Red Cross Christmas Seals
  • Organized Community Christmas Baskets
  • Sponsored Charity Ball
  • Assisted with Community Chest Fund
  • Sponsored Dance
  • Sold Service League Cookbook – From Grandmothers to Granddaughters
  • Funded a Girl Scout scholarship for one girl
  • Organized motor corps providing free transportation to maternal and child health clinics
  • Sponsored educational course on homemaking and buyermanship