4 Workshops — 104 Blankets — Unlimited Love & Compassion

The Easter Bunny made blanket deliveries to Vidant Cancer patients on Easter morning — with a little help from Service League members.

In April, Hospital Activities Co-chairs Cassie Causey and Cathy Marsh made a final blanket delivery to Vidant Hospital.  30 hand-tied, fleece blankets were entrusted to Leslie Spencer’s capable hands.  She, in turn, organized their special delivery to enliven Easter Sunday for Vidant cancer patients.  (Santa’s elves could take some pointers from these ladies.)

Additional blankets will be gifted as other cancer patients finish with their infusion treatments.

All told, 104 blankets were made during 4 workshops by many nimble and willing Service League hands (supported, of course, by plenty of lively conversations) and gifted with love and compassion to patient throughout Vidant Health.

Huge thanks to all the Service League members and Vidant staff who helped make these blanket gifts so special.

And, of course, Cassie, Cathy and Leslie — You ladies are awesome!


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