Remembering Our Beginnings

As we start our 80th year, we took a moment during our October meeting to look back to our founding ladies and thrift shop beginnings,  to the source of our inspiration and focus — Dr. Laughinghouse, and, to the emblem of our aspirations — our Service League of Greenville seal.

Service League of Greenville member Gigi Walter gave a moving re-enactment of founding member Jesse R. Moye as she addressed members on October 2, 1939 to present and explain the meaning behind the seal she designed.

“… A torch of service to guide our feet.  A compass, in its form the likeness of a star, a star of hope, a star of faith, to guide our direction… ” 

Find out more about the history of The Service League of Greenville at:
IN THE BEGINNING… 1937 – 1940
or click HERE!



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